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Donald and Melanija Trump The other day Melanija Trump and her husband Donald visited a lunch in honor of Thanksgiving Day in Maher - Lago. The first lady of the USA looked incredibly in a black lacy...

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In Krasnoyarsk will open a skating rink with color ice. Its total area will be about 17.5 thousand sq.m. It will be possible to go ice skating in the pleasure daily from 11 to 23 o'clock. Besides, it...

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The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov holds a meeting with the Portuguese colleague to Augusht Santushem Silvoy in Lisbon. The meeting takes place in the closed format. The correspondent of TASS...

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Relatives of 55 residents of the Netherlands which died as a result of the crash of the liner of "Malaysian airlines" in the east of the Ukrainian state within last year submitted to the European Cou...

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Two VS ships of Russia are found on November 24 in sea border of Latvia. Such statement was made by the National Armed Forces (NAF) of the country on the Twitter. LV ekskl. ekonom. zona 11 j.j. no ter...

Date: 5 months ago   Category: Economics

Wage arrears in Ukraine have grown by 6,5%

Total amount of debt on payment of the salary in Ukraine in September, 2018 has increased by 6,5% and for September 1, 2018 was 2,889 billion UAH, Public service of statistics has reported (Gosstat).

according to her, in September the sum of wage arrears of economically active enterprises has increased by 11,9% and for September 1 of the current year has made 1,702 billion UAH

As reports a statvedomstvo, growth of wage arrears last month is recorded in Khmelnytskyi (for 64,5%), Kirovohrad (on 43,7), Volynsk (for 34,9%), Ternopil (for 33,3%), Kherson (for 27,8%), Transcarpathian (for 25,3%) areas, Kiev (for 16,3%) and also Donetsk (for 12,9%), Luhansk (for 7,2%), Chernihiv (for 6,1%), Kiev (for 5,7%), Ivano-Frankivsk (for 4,3%), Odessa (for 4,2%), Sumy (for 3,6%), Chernivtsi (for 2,6%), Nikolaev (for 2,2%), Lviv and Kharkiv (for 2%), Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk (for 1,6%) areas.

Reduction of debt on payment of salary was observed in Rivnenskaya (for 9,1%), Zhytomyr (for 8,7%), Vinnytsia (for 2%), Zaporizhia (for 0,6%), Cherkassk (for 0,2%) areas.
Gosstat specifies that in a branch section in September-2018 debt on payment of the salary has increased in the sphere of temporary placement and catering services – by 85,3% (to 2,04 million UAH), in the sphere of art, sport, entertainments and rest – for 55% (to 1,73 million UAH), in a state administration and defense; obligatory social insurance – for 31,9% (to 9,95 million UAH), health care and providing the social help – for 23,4% (to 43,5 million UAH), providing other types of service – for 20,9% (to 0,28 million UAH), administrative and support service - for 19,7% (to 9,66 million UAH), wholesale and retail trade – for 8% (to 26,1 million UAH), professional, scientific and technical activity - for 7,8% (to 138,62 million UAH), agriculture, forest and fishery - for 7,6% (to 21,54 million UAH), in the industry – for 6,6% (to 2269,5 million UAH), transport, warehouse economy, post and express activity – for 5,2% (to 189,09 million UAH), in the sphere of operations with the real estate – for 3,7% (to 60,46 million UAH), financial and insurance activity - for 3,5% (to 19,1 million UAH) and construction – for 1,2% (to 77,33 million UAH) At the same time debt was reduced by

in education by 18,9% (to 11,05 million UAH), and information and telecommunications – for 9,3% (to 9,1 million UAH).
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