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Donald and Melanija Trump The other day Melanija Trump and her husband Donald visited a lunch in honor of Thanksgiving Day in Maher - Lago. The first lady of the USA looked incredibly in a black lacy...

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In Krasnoyarsk will open a skating rink with color ice. Its total area will be about 17.5 thousand sq.m. It will be possible to go ice skating in the pleasure daily from 11 to 23 o'clock. Besides, it...

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The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov holds a meeting with the Portuguese colleague to Augusht Santushem Silvoy in Lisbon. The meeting takes place in the closed format. The correspondent of TASS...

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Relatives of 55 residents of the Netherlands which died as a result of the crash of the liner of "Malaysian airlines" in the east of the Ukrainian state within last year submitted to the European Cou...

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Two VS ships of Russia are found on November 24 in sea border of Latvia. Such statement was made by the National Armed Forces (NAF) of the country on the Twitter. LV ekskl. ekonom. zona 11 j.j. no ter...

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The sister Meagen Markl has apologized for the behavior

Whether it is envy, whether special hostility to relatives, but after the royal wedding of Meagen Markl her family just has taken up arms against the duchess Sussex. However, prior to a wedding Meagen's father has begun a provocative campaign because of which I have impaired a little the relations with the daughter and as a result hasn't appeared at a wedding. The sister and the brother who constantly gave scandalous interviews in which unflatteringly spoke of the sister were soon connected. But, it seems, Samantha Markl has rethought the behavior and has decided to apologize.
Samantha Markl has initially decided to arrive to Great Britain and to meet personally the sister to apologize. However, and here not without scandal. Royal insiders have reported that Samantha is wanted to be spoiled with acid. But everything is all right. The sister Meagen has successfully reached the country and by tradition has given an interview (and as without it). She couldn't meet Meagen therefore has decided to apologize in a show. "I think that it was a pity for all that we were invited to a wedding, but I felt, this hostility could not begin if all have been invited, and we everything simply would move forward. You trust or not, all this doesn't mean that we love you less. It happens when there is a confusion and people suffer. I apologize and I want that everything was in a different way" — Markl on Jeremy Vayn's talk show has said.

From the last attacks to the royal family are noted not the flatter statements of the brother of Meagen. Thomas Markl Jr. has gone in the footsteps of the father, criticizing the royal family which part was his sister. Earlier he already addressed Queen Elizabeth II through the letter to the Kensington palace in which he has asked not to torment his sister and not to allow her to die early as to the princess Diana. But, it seems, Thomas has told not all. The British edition MailOnline has interviewed Thomas in whom that has accused the royal family of Meagen's "recruitment". "Now Meagen became absolutely another, not such what I remember her. She was very careful, she looked after all — it was important for her. Since Meagen has got to Hollywood, she has cardinally changed. I think that she and understands it. If she wasn't with prince Harry even if would act in "Force majeurs", she would stop what now occurs. It is sure, she would find time and has gone to our father to be convinced that he as it should be" — Thomas has told. I was put jealousy and envy to use, Thomas has said that "She feels above all others", speaking about the sister. Meagen's brother is deeply offended by the fact that because of suddenly appeared status the sister can't communicate with family and improve with her the relations that is supposed mistakenly. "In the past they accepted strangers, it seems Middltonov. I don't understand, than our family differs. They could care for my father, and he would be happy" — he has added.
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