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Will become tougher or not a spirit to unauthorized protests after purchase of a car by the National Guard of the Russian Federation with laser radiators, it is necessary to ask the service, the press...

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According to department, stop-out price was 99.81% of face value, profitability on stop-out price — 8.63% per annum. The weighted average price was 91.8456% of face value, the average profitability —...

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The Kremlin strongly condemns any violations of the right of freedom of speech. It was said by the Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. During the briefing the correspondent of the Feder...

Date: 3 months ago   Category: Politics

The Kremlin has disproved Putin's threats to Poroshenko

The Kremlin has disproved Putin's threats to Poroshenko
the Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov didn't read to
memoirs of the former French leader in which that, according to journalists, in particular, remembers the first summit of "Norman Quartet" in Minsk, but - being practically at all negotiations that night - didn't hear the phrase attributed allegedly to Vladimir Putin with threats.

Answering at a briefing a question of the Ukrainian journalist, in communication with Hollande's statements in memoirs that Putin allegedly threatened Petro Poroshenko and promised to destroy his army whether there is a version about the civil war in Ukraine, Peskov has emphasized: "In Ukraine there is a civil war, it proceeds, despite fragile truce, is an obvious fact and hardly it can be denied".

"That to Hollande's statements as didn't read and I don't know a context, I can't judge that he meant and in what context", - the representative of the Kremlin has noticed.

"Though, you know that the president Putin takes very hard unambiguous line in respect of support of the Russian population where it can be exposed to the hostile actions often adjoining on genocide, to attacks of ultranationalists and so on - Peskov has continued. - It is consistent policy of the President of Russia: he supports Russians worldwide and repeatedly spoke about it".

"Yes, civil war is available, and words to which Hollande refers, I didn't read, I don't know the primary source therefore wouldn't begin to comment", - the press secretary of the Russian leader has repeated.

On the specifying question whether there was a phrase "I will crush you" (to the Ukrainian army - a comment ред) Peskov has answered so: "No, I practically was at all negotiations, and I didn't hear such phrase therefore I can't confirm it".
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