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Being a wife of the first president of Tatarstan, she wrote the autobiographical book "In Mintimer's Shadow". This information was confirmed by the head of the press center of the President of the Re...

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Hailee Baldwin / Selena Gómez Not only fans watch the idols in social networks, but also celebrities watch admirers. The author of one of fan pages of Selena Gómez got under a sight of media after fou...

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Prince William and Kate Middleton with guests of evening underwent reception of Royal Foundation at which there were founders of fund In London: prince William and prince Harry with spouses. The Scott...

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The Oxford dictionary called the word of year which this time became an adjective "toxic". As it is noted on the dictionary website, in 2018 the number of viewings of the page with interpretation of t...

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Novaya Gazeta slandered the journalist-foreign affairs specialist of the Komsomolskaya Pravda edition Abbas Dzhuma, having said that he allegedly was one of organizers of a trip Alexander Rastorguyev,...

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The Krasnodar fleecer who has thrown out more than ten cats from a balcony was gone

The Krasnodar fleecer who has thrown out more than ten cats from a balcony was gone
Zoodefenders in Krasnodar depart from shock after a cruel trick of the unknown who has the day before thrown out from a balcony of the fourth floor of 13 cats. The police has right there begun check. However locals don't believe that the guilty person will be punished. In the morning on November 8 from the apartment on the fourth floor of the house 183 down the street Stavropol loud animal cries were distributed. "Witnesses speak, have heard at first wild cries of cats that with them was done by this man in the apartment, it is unknown, but when he has opened a balcony door, several cats have jumped out for horror, he from scope threw out the others from a balcony. Cats hit against blocks a Split systems, metal probes for tension of linen ropes, eaves of windows of neighbors below and a metal peak of shop — in paints are told by the zoodefender Elena Nasedkina. — In the yard on the platform of mother with children walked. There were many people. When this subhuman of cats began to throw out, they began to shout to him, children cried, grannies shouted, well, a nightmare". Not indifferent people have picked up injured animals and have brought to veterinary clinic. It was succeeded to find 11 cats. According to Elena Nasedkina, at many of them — ruptures of internals, teeth are beaten out, tongues, numerous bruises are bitten, at one cat the eardrum has burst. Two cats in especially serious condition, are unknown will survive or not. They were placed in a pressure chamber. Eyewitnesses say that a certain man threw out animals. Though the woman who, according to neighbors, fed special love to having a tail lived in the apartment constantly — with her several dozens of cats lived. The woman was an owner of five apartments on the fourth floor of the house united by one corridor at once. The police officers who have arrived to the place couldn't get inside — nobody has opened a door. As the staff of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Krasnodar Krai Artem Konovalenko claims, incident was disregarded — check is conducted. "The personality of the owner of the apartment is identified. But it wasn't succeeded to contact her — Konovalenko says. — There are several contradictory versions where she. On the testimony of eyewitnesses, on a balcony the man has been noticed. Perhaps, ex-husband of the hostess of the apartment. But him nobody knows a surname. We know only a name. It is difficult to search for the person only according to these data. We work". Zoodefenders want more active actions from police officers. Elena Nasedkina has complained that the district police officer the day before didn't begin to insist on providing video from surveillance cameras. "The district police officer and ours (zoodefenders — a comment ред) have gone to management company, but there have told that cameras don't work week. Ours have doubted words, have asked the district police officer to check whether so it, but that has refused. There is still a camera on shop. Shop assistants were afraid to let to her people without director. The district police officer has told that he will shoot video from cameras in the evening when the director comes. But I doubt that he has made it. If video is provided by us, in court it won't be accepted, will accept only what is removed by the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs" — the zoodefender complains. According to Nasedkina, she is Gotha


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