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Donald and Melanija Trump The other day Melanija Trump and her husband Donald visited a lunch in honor of Thanksgiving Day in Maher - Lago. The first lady of the USA looked incredibly in a black lacy...

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In Krasnoyarsk will open a skating rink with color ice. Its total area will be about 17.5 thousand sq.m. It will be possible to go ice skating in the pleasure daily from 11 to 23 o'clock. Besides, it...

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The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov holds a meeting with the Portuguese colleague to Augusht Santushem Silvoy in Lisbon. The meeting takes place in the closed format. The correspondent of TASS...

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Relatives of 55 residents of the Netherlands which died as a result of the crash of the liner of "Malaysian airlines" in the east of the Ukrainian state within last year submitted to the European Cou...

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Two VS ships of Russia are found on November 24 in sea border of Latvia. Such statement was made by the National Armed Forces (NAF) of the country on the Twitter. LV ekskl. ekonom. zona 11 j.j. no ter...

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The former European Commissioner has explained why Ukraine isn't accepted in the EU

Further expansion of the European Union extremely unpopular idea among Europeans who are dissatisfied with the previous waves of expansion of the EU in 2004 and in 2007. For this reason the EU doesn't promise Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova the prospect of membership.

it during the 28th Economic forum in the Polish Krynitse-Zdruy was declared by the European Commissioner for expansion in 1999-2004 Günter Verheugen, gives

"When I met Kuchma (the second president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma – Buses), many European leaders (if I call them, you are surprised) called then me and said: don't promise them anything. Then I have told Kuchma that the best what I can offer, it is policy of the neighbourhood, the action plan … But the Agreement on association which the introduction logically follows (in the EU – the Bus) has to be the following step ", – Günter Verheugen has told.

But, according to him, is well known to all that the European Union rejects membership of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

"Further expansion of the EU very unpopular idea among the European citizens and the reason that success of expansion in 2004 and 2007 isn't approved in the EU. If you the European leader also want to win elections at home, you can't tell that you support further expansion – you will lose the voters", – the former European Commissioner has summed up.

At the same time, the director of Institute of world politics Eugeny Magda considers that representatives of Old Europe, even since association of coal and steel, and then the European Economic Community, have so perfected this of "ezop" language that are already ready to maneuvre around any decision.

"European integration of Ukraine is a huge call for Europe which hasn't completely digested Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania. Now there is a vector (integration – the Bus) The western Balkans. Why? There are rather small countries, they don't create any migration crisis. Ukraine one of the biggest countries on the area in Europe, plus 40 million population is a huge call. When in the EU understand that Ukraine is a factor of strengthening – economic, military if to say about prospects of any defensive union that it is new sales market and new opportunities for investment …", – Eugeny Magda has told the website "Today".

according to him, it is necessary to understand accurately here that the European Union is obliged to us by nothing. But at the same time, by the EU it is unprofitable to recognize the dependence on Russia. "Russia offers

economic advantages, preferences – it in it has got the hand in times of the Soviet Union. Our task – to explain that we can be more favorable, than Russia", – the expert has summed up. we Will remind

, Ukraine has signed an economic part of the agreement still on June 27, 2014. However long time the document remained not ratified. And in April of last year in the Netherlands the advisory referendum on which more than 60% voting have opposed the adoption of the Agreement has taken place.
By the end of 2016 has been developed the compromise document in which contained are additional


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