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Amy Sumer 37-year-old Amy's Pregnancy does not pass Sumer without complications – today the celebrity told admirers that it is forced to cancel a performance in Dallas as it appeared on a hospital bed...

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The Bashkir firefighters localized large ignition in the policlinic building where overlapping with a roof partially collapsed, reports regional headquarter of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. of fapnews Alexey Voltsev Today, 01:09 0

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Natascia Pauly the 33-year-old model Natascia Pauly shared with followers in Instagram news that prepares for the birth of the second child. The Russian supermodel published the black-and-white pictur...

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The Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky zht the Italian investments into the Russian culture after the Russian seasons in Italy which took place in 2018. of fapnews Alexey Voltsev Today, 22:13 0

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Besides, here it is, in fact, about purposeful discrimination with disproportionate compensations, lightning terms of hearing of cases and also very legal formulations. It is noted that put on detenti...

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September 11, 2018: whether to wait for accident repetition?

At the beginning of August in Twitter account @infographic_ksa, connected, according to the The Washington Post newspaper, with the government of Saudi Arabia, have published a collage on which the passenger liner of Air Canada flies to a 553-meter tower Si-En Tauer — to the Toronto symbol. Si-En Tauer — one of the highest freely standing constructions in the world. "As they say in the Arab saying: "The one who climbs in the fact that he doesn't concern, will run on what won't please him" — it has been written on the picture and it was still emphasized that "Canada sticks the nose anywhere". The tweet has frankly reminded of terrible terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in New York when 15 of 19 terrorists were citizens of Saudi Arabia. Then more than 2900 people have died. Record has caused a set of responses in the Canadian blogosphere, and Saudis also have taken part in uncompromisingly fierce debate, some of them have offered an argument that the statement of discontent with Saudi Arabia is inappropriate as she is a supplier of oil to the Western world. When the squall of indignation of the international scale has risen, the @infographic_ksa administrators have quite clumsily explained that hinted not at terrorist attacks on September 11, and at recent expulsion from Riyadh of the Canadian ambassador. "The plane had to symbolize return of the ambassador. Any other sense wasn't deliberate" — it was noted in the comment. The Saudi ministry of media declared that it has begun the investigation. Soon the picture was removed, having replaced it similar, but already without plane, and afterwards the account @infographic_ksa according to the order of the ministry of SMI SA was gone from Twitter and Instagram "before completion of investigation". @infographic_ksa only on Twitter had 350 thousand subscribers, and in Instagram — 88 thousand. Usually the resource published the messages supporting the government of Saudi Arabia. Behind all this there is a certain Saudi youth organization consisting of volunteers, "the technologies interested in development". The conflict of Saudi Arabia and Canada has begun with record in a social network of the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland who has urged the Saudi authorities to liberate the blogger Raif Badavi and his sister, the human rights activist Samar Badavi arrested at the beginning of August. Raif Badavi since 2012 is in custody on a charge of insult of Islam. His wife and three children were granted asylum and nationality in Canada. According to human rights activists, since May in SA have arrested more than ten activists protecting the rights of women. On August 3 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada has published an appeal to Saudi Arabia immediately to release Samar Badavi and other peace activists. "Canada is seriously concerned about new arrests of human rights activists and activists of fight for the rights of women in Saudi Arabia, including Samar Badavi" — it was said in the statement of the Canadian Foreign Ministry. Several days of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia later I have answered with a series of signing up in Twitter in which it was said that the statement of Canada is "open and scandalous intervention in internal affairs of the kingdom". The Canadian ambassador was declared persona non grata and have asked to leave the country in t


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