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Being a wife of the first president of Tatarstan, she wrote the autobiographical book "In Mintimer's Shadow". This information was confirmed by the head of the press center of the President of the Re...

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Hailee Baldwin / Selena Gómez Not only fans watch the idols in social networks, but also celebrities watch admirers. The author of one of fan pages of Selena Gómez got under a sight of media after fou...

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Prince William and Kate Middleton with guests of evening underwent reception of Royal Foundation at which there were founders of fund In London: prince William and prince Harry with spouses. The Scott...

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The Oxford dictionary called the word of year which this time became an adjective "toxic". As it is noted on the dictionary website, in 2018 the number of viewings of the page with interpretation of t...

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Novaya Gazeta slandered the journalist-foreign affairs specialist of the Komsomolskaya Pravda edition Abbas Dzhuma, having said that he allegedly was one of organizers of a trip Alexander Rastorguyev,...

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Sensation of the USA: what we know about Alexandria Okasio-Cortés which has won congressional elections

Sensation of the USA: what we know about Alexandria Okasio-Cortés which has won congressional elections
Alexandria Okasio-Cortés On Tuesday, November 6, in the USA intermediate congressional elections which results of many have surprised have taken place. First, because in the House of Representatives the majority was received by democrats that is obvious not on a hand to Donald Trump who adheres to republican views. Secondly, for the first time the record number of women (more than 80) has got to the U. S. Congress. Among them, there were by the way, Muslims, the open lesbian, the black woman and indigenous Americans from Indian tribes. But more the others the attention of public was drawn by 29-year Alexandria Okasio-Cortés — the youngest (and very attractive!) the woman ever chosen in the Congress in the history of the USA. We tell, than she has so attracted Americans and why they lay great hopes on her. [b] The family and origin Alexandria was born in Bronx, the State of New York. She is obliged by the attractive appearance to parents from whom she has inherited striking traits: her mother, Blanca Okasio-Cortés, by origin the Puerto-Rican, and the father, Sergio Ocasio-Roman, the native of the USA, however, judging by his name and a surname, he has Latin roots too. Parents of Alexandria that is called were from different social groups: while mother worked with the cleaner, the father headed the small architectural company. Alexandria Okasio-Cortés with mother, the grandmother and the brother Already in the childhood future конгрессвумен has learned that such social inequality — up to four years she lived in the Region of Parkchester, not the most presentable place of Bronx, and then her family has moved to much more attractive Westchester where she has gone to good school. [b] Education at school Alexandria has begun to show great success in training. She so was fond of microbiology that in honor of her even called an asteroid (her project on microbiology at the World competition of scientific achievements of school students of Intel International Science and Engineering Fair has taken the second place). In 2011 Okasio-Cortés has with honors graduated from Boston University with degree of the bachelor of economy and the international relations. [b] Career Having returned from Boston to Bronx, Alexandria has met great financial difficulties: her father has died from cancer, and mother couldn't pull everything on herself. Therefore Okasio-Cortés began to work as the bartender and the waitress (and sometimes for 13-15 hours a day). After the death of the father she has learned also all "delights" of bureaucracy as she very long fought for property. She has told that this experience "has helped her to understand how lawyers who are appointed by court for property management take great pain to be enriched at the expense of other families". Later Alexandria has founded the publishing company Brook Avenue Press which specialized in the children's literature narrating about a positive side of Bronx. Then she has managed to work as the teacher at non-profit National Spanish-language Institute. In 2016 she began to work as one of organizers of an election campaign Berney Sanders. In the summer of this year Alexandria has won the 14th Constituency of New-Yo


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