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Being a wife of the first president of Tatarstan, she wrote the autobiographical book "In Mintimer's Shadow". This information was confirmed by the head of the press center of the President of the Re...

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Hailee Baldwin / Selena Gómez Not only fans watch the idols in social networks, but also celebrities watch admirers. The author of one of fan pages of Selena Gómez got under a sight of media after fou...

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Prince William and Kate Middleton with guests of evening underwent reception of Royal Foundation at which there were founders of fund In London: prince William and prince Harry with spouses. The Scott...

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The Oxford dictionary called the word of year which this time became an adjective "toxic". As it is noted on the dictionary website, in 2018 the number of viewings of the page with interpretation of t...

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Novaya Gazeta slandered the journalist-foreign affairs specialist of the Komsomolskaya Pravda edition Abbas Dzhuma, having said that he allegedly was one of organizers of a trip Alexander Rastorguyev,...

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Russians shouldn't pay for Prague-68

In the well-known picture made in Prague on August 21, 1968 watch at each other two groups of people. One – intense, uneasy, dressed in fashionable sweaters, leather jackets and jackets, swing the national flags and shoot the events with cameras. Others gloomy, tired after the sleepless night march, in the rumpled form – they have strong seized the automatic machines and don't understand the events at all: they were sent to exempt Czechoslovakian brothers from fascists revisionists, but those obviously don't look happy... Here and there "saved" even begin to throw Molotov cocktails in "saviors", almost everywhere cry out insults. Sometimes the nerves tormented by a long march, a roar of motors and insomnia don't maintain and break on a trigger. Contrary to widespread opinion, the operation "Danube" was not bloodless – Czechoslovaks have lost 108 people, many dead were in the firing which has begun at the building of the Czech radio. I have lost 12 servicemen and the Soviet party. "Ivan, that you have forgotten here, go home!" – shouted, sometimes in good Russian, decently dressed old men, dandyish young men and pretty girls. Ivan in reply puzzly looked at in what they are dressed, and marveled at the show-windows of grocery, porcelain and furniture stores overflowed to the Soviet measures: "Eccentric fools, what revolt? To us so to live. You for day to Novocherkassk of 1962..." Two gradation of the victims of a communistic experiment met among themselves. One – after 50 years of the most severe terror, acquired science: "execute orders, try to think the same as the Pravda newspaper, or you will die", others – in 20 years of sluggish coercion yet not lost faith that they will be taken away back to Europe, and therefore not lost some obstinacy, however, quite careful if not to tell trusovaty, incomparable with behavior of Germans in the 1953rd or Hungarians in the 1956th. For years of the communistic power in Czechoslovakia have been executed for the political reasons of 248 people – also "bourgeois" nationalists as Milada Gorakova tormented in a loop of 15 minutes and communists from the fractions which have lost inner-party fight as the "Jewish" fraction of Rudolf Slansky join here. Even with recalculation on a difference in number of the population – terror level with Bolshevist just incomparable. Whether in this collision of two worlds the reason of unconscious irritation which tests most of the Soviet and Post-Soviet people when speak to them about "occupation of Czechoslovakia"? Yes it unless occupation? Yes it unless terror? Yes it unless socialism not very well with what person? Wanted to run away on the West, on the contrary – suffer together with us... The main lie here, of course, that it didn't make any sense to ourselves "to suffer", and therefore it didn't make sense to force to sufferings from a brutal utopia and other people, including Czechs. Attempts to invent to Czechs certain "karmic fault" for which "has arrived" by him, sometimes meeting in patriotic journalism are deprived of any sense. Any tradition of russophobia at Czechs, unlike sets


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