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Amy Sumer 37-year-old Amy's Pregnancy does not pass Sumer without complications – today the celebrity told admirers that it is forced to cancel a performance in Dallas as it appeared on a hospital bed...

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The Bashkir firefighters localized large ignition in the policlinic building where overlapping with a roof partially collapsed, reports regional headquarter of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. of fapnews Alexey Voltsev Today, 01:09 0

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Natascia Pauly the 33-year-old model Natascia Pauly shared with followers in Instagram news that prepares for the birth of the second child. The Russian supermodel published the black-and-white pictur...

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The Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky zht the Italian investments into the Russian culture after the Russian seasons in Italy which took place in 2018. of fapnews Alexey Voltsev Today, 22:13 0

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Besides, here it is, in fact, about purposeful discrimination with disproportionate compensations, lightning terms of hearing of cases and also very legal formulations. It is noted that put on detenti...

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Putin at the forum "Mashuk": about volunteers who are more effective than officials, social networks and Nicholas I

The Russian President has taken a selfie with participants of a forum and left the autograph on a door of a tower of the 16th century. Volunteers in Russia often work much more effectively, than officials, "unfortunately for the state". It was said by the Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with participants of the youth educational forum "Mashuk" which takes place these days in Pyatigorsk at the foot of the known mountain of the same name. Every year, since 2010, on a forum the active youth from all North Caucasian Federal District and also from other regions of Russia gathers. In eight years about 20 thousand people became its participants, only this year two changes of a forum - "Volunteering" and "Civil society" - were visited by two thousand people. Mashuk became the launch pad for many youth projects which get not just approval, but also financial support. Following the results of a grant competition the most significant projects will be able to receive up to 300 thousand rubles (in case the organizer has declared the natural person) and up to 2,5 million (if non-profit organization). According to the secretary of general council of United Russia party Andrey Turchak, since 2010 projects of a forum have received grants for the total amount about one billion rubles. Turchak has especially noted that practically all youth of the North Caucasus is involved in the embodiment of the ideas in life "". Vladimir Putin, addressing participants of a forum I have emphasized that their work is always effective and demanded. "Activity of the volunteer and volunteer is far from receiving profit, she is connected with mercy, a sincere rush of soul. The mankind doesn't know more powerful motor, than heart and therefore activity which goes from heart is most effective!" — the president has said. Young people, in turn, could devote personally the head of state in the projects. So, the head of "Student's media holding" Visrail Hadiyev has told Putin as content for student's television stations is created. Now content extends on social networks. The president has added that now there is obviously not enough positive in social networks. "It is especially healthy that you in networks work. Because, I so understand, a spirit of you the most positive. And the positive in networks is necessary to 100% which often isn't enough" — Putin has reacted. The head of state was told about the voluntary centers for assistance on water and at suppression of wildfires. The curator of the project of the Young Guard of United Russia under the name "Little Heroes of Russia" of Alan Tskhovrebov, has presented to Putin the girl who has brought people out of the burning building, and the boy who has saved the friend sinking in mountain Terek. In a tent of Heroes volunteers have told about the son of the imam Shamil who has grown up at court of the emperor Nicholas I. Subsequently it has served as a powerful incentive for reunification of Russia and the North Caucasus. Vladimir Putin has remembered a story about resourcefulness of the emperor. The emperor often passed by the soldiers occupied at economic works. He greeted them: "Great, good fellows!". They answered him: "The health is desirable, your imperial Majesty!". At other site worked about


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