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Donald and Melanija Trump The other day Melanija Trump and her husband Donald visited a lunch in honor of Thanksgiving Day in Maher - Lago. The first lady of the USA looked incredibly in a black lacy...

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In Krasnoyarsk will open a skating rink with color ice. Its total area will be about 17.5 thousand sq.m. It will be possible to go ice skating in the pleasure daily from 11 to 23 o'clock. Besides, it...

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The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov holds a meeting with the Portuguese colleague to Augusht Santushem Silvoy in Lisbon. The meeting takes place in the closed format. The correspondent of TASS...

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Relatives of 55 residents of the Netherlands which died as a result of the crash of the liner of "Malaysian airlines" in the east of the Ukrainian state within last year submitted to the European Cou...

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Two VS ships of Russia are found on November 24 in sea border of Latvia. Such statement was made by the National Armed Forces (NAF) of the country on the Twitter. LV ekskl. ekonom. zona 11 j.j. no ter...

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New car and Kym Kardashyan's wig

The TV show star "Kardashyan's Family" of Kym Kardashyan is known for the love to boasting on the Internet therefore it couldn't but show a gift from the beloved husband to the subscribers on social networks. At the same time, the reason for the scandalous rapper isn't necessary, he so loves the Kym that has suddenly decided to present her … the new car! Here so surprises.
the Loved Kim has presented it Mercedes G-Wagon in neon yellow color. The car smartly approaches under style of a star. It how to notice a beautiful dress on a show-window of shop — Kim rented such jeep of trips to Miami in time, and that so was pleasant to her that Kanye has decided to buy it to the wife. "When I left the gym, I have seen this car and have thought: "Devil take it, whose this baby?". I so strongly had liked this SUV that I continued to speak about it from Kylie by phone. Then it has turned out that it is a surprise from Kanye. It is the car of my dream!" For the car the rapper has given 240 thousand dollars.

By the way, younger sister Kym Kylie has the same Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon SUV, only orange. As for Kym such "giant" is a new experience, she admitted that she asked the sister to help with management.

However, on it new things at Kym don't come to an end. The star has decided to correspond completely to a gift and has decided to pick up a new wig. Kim has shown the collection of new wigs which I have bought specially in Instagram to approach the new car. Here and two — an ashy shade, one — pale yellow and a couple neon. We will remind that Kanye has learned not only to surprise the wife with gifts, but also statements the public. In the new song of XTCY he has reported that he wishes to make love to sisters of the wife Kym Kardashyan, and on Jimmy Kimmel's show admitted that he even with the advent of the daughter continues to watch a pornography. For the statement he was promoted from Pornhub, but how Kym's wife has reacted to scandalous statements? "She is simply glad that can trust him and that Kanye is very devoted to her — the source close to couple has shared — She knows that there could be something worse and watch a porn much more tolerantly, than how other famous rappers treat the wives". "She knows that it is just his counter, and it doesn't disturb. He lets her know clearly every day that she is his goddess, and she never felt so favourite in the life," — the insider has reported. Everything has begun with new release of the American Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show where Kanye became the guest. The rapper has told about addiction to a porn then the leader has taken an interest as his life after appearance of the daughter has changed. Kanye has said that everything also watches a pornography at a porn the website Pornhub. Уэст couldn't keep and I have begun to list what genres of video for adults prefers, but the leader has stopped it. The frankness and free advertizing of the website didn't remain is unnoticed by a resource which has decided to present to the performer a gift for devotion. Now the rapper will be able to enjoy favourite videos how many he will want and when wants. The website has presented to Kanye a lifelong premium subscription.


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