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Amy Sumer 37-year-old Amy's Pregnancy does not pass Sumer without complications – today the celebrity told admirers that it is forced to cancel a performance in Dallas as it appeared on a hospital bed...

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The Bashkir firefighters localized large ignition in the policlinic building where overlapping with a roof partially collapsed, reports regional headquarter of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. of fapnews Alexey Voltsev Today, 01:09 0

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Natascia Pauly the 33-year-old model Natascia Pauly shared with followers in Instagram news that prepares for the birth of the second child. The Russian supermodel published the black-and-white pictur...

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The Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky zht the Italian investments into the Russian culture after the Russian seasons in Italy which took place in 2018. of fapnews Alexey Voltsev Today, 22:13 0

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Besides, here it is, in fact, about purposeful discrimination with disproportionate compensations, lightning terms of hearing of cases and also very legal formulations. It is noted that put on detenti...

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More than 70 thousand proposals of residents of Moscow were included into the My Area program

Over 70 thousand proposals of residents of Moscow were included in the My Area program of the mayoral candidate of the city Sergey Sobyanin. The head of the selective candidate of the headquarters at a position of the city's mayor Konstantin Remchukov has reported about it on Tuesday, "Evening Moscow" reports on Tuesday. It is noted that hundreds of wishes of citizens come every day to the headquarters. At the same time, it is noted that 90% from them raise specific questions of improvement of life in various districts of the Russian capital.
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