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William Randolph Hurst's mansion in Beverly Hills is offered one of the most known mansions in heart of Beverly Hills For sale — Beverley-House of the media mogul William Randolph Hurst. The house bui...

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Return of means which Privatbank received from the government in the course of nationalization and preparation of bank for sale will take several years. it was declared by the chairman of the board...

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Support by the countries of Europe of "Nord Stream-2" is unacceptable. The corresponding zyaavleniye was made by the assistant to the head of State Department of the USA for Europe and Eurasia Wes Mit...

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Selena Gómez and Justin Bieber Many parents, as we know, far are not excited about the loved children. However, despite it, they prefer not to interfere with private life of offsprings. Others, showin...

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A number of the Ukrainian banks, advertizing the credit products and concluding agreements with Ukrainians, underestimate the size of real percent on the credits and various commissions at 8-10 times....

Date: 2 weeks ago   Category: Economics

Means of the government in treasury have decreased by 20%

The remains of means on the Uniform treasury scoring in October 1, 2018 were reduced by 5,7 billion hryvnias to 21,388 billion hryvnias in comparison with September 1.

is reported on the official site of the Public treasury service.

As notes the Interfax Ukraine agency, a year ago on EKS of means it was 2,8 times more – 60,031 billion UAH, for September, 2017 they were reduced by 3,12 billion UAH

According to data of National bank, the remains of means on correspondent and suspense accounts of banks in September of this year in have increased by 3,7 billion UAH and have made 52,914 billion UAH
the Analyst of the ICU company Taras Kotovich on the page on Twitter notes that "the resource which is saved up in August hasn't been spent in September and the budget has a stock for October and the beginning of November are the period of large payments for hryvnia debts, including in favor of the NBU".
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