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Donald and Melanija Trump The other day Melanija Trump and her husband Donald visited a lunch in honor of Thanksgiving Day in Maher - Lago. The first lady of the USA looked incredibly in a black lacy...

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In Krasnoyarsk will open a skating rink with color ice. Its total area will be about 17.5 thousand sq.m. It will be possible to go ice skating in the pleasure daily from 11 to 23 o'clock. Besides, it...

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The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov holds a meeting with the Portuguese colleague to Augusht Santushem Silvoy in Lisbon. The meeting takes place in the closed format. The correspondent of TASS...

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Relatives of 55 residents of the Netherlands which died as a result of the crash of the liner of "Malaysian airlines" in the east of the Ukrainian state within last year submitted to the European Cou...

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Two VS ships of Russia are found on November 24 in sea border of Latvia. Such statement was made by the National Armed Forces (NAF) of the country on the Twitter. LV ekskl. ekonom. zona 11 j.j. no ter...

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Kylie Minogue's ex-groom Joshua Sass after all married

The beginning actor Joshua Sass has already gained fame thanks to the relations with Kylie Minogue which lasted one and a half years. Painful parting has terminated for the singer in Thailand where she treated nervous breakdown. At Sasa in private life everything wasn't got on. He has decided to take in the wife Harriet Kolling who as a result has run away from him, having told that they are absolutely incompatible. It is obvious that it is the next PR course of the beginning actor therefore native stars were glad to her act.
But, the actor after all the has achieved and has got married. I have taken in the past weekend of Sass in the wife Louise Ainsworth in the city of Bayron-Bey. Only the closest have been invited to a wedding. we Will remind

, Kylie Minogue's admirers believed that with the actor Joshua Sass she will find the happiness. The age difference confused nobody, all believed that these the relation can be strong, stable and as a result come to the end with marriage. But to think was rather early … Сасс and Minogue have left and Joshua's treason with the Spanish actress Marta Milans became the reason for that. At once, as soon as this news became property of the public, Joshua became the gigolo who needed nothing from Kylie only her glory and money. At least, many secular observers and the singer's fans have been sure of it. Besides, Kylie admirers reproached Sasa with hypocrisy, reproaching with him the termination of participation in their campaign Say I Do Down Under, joint with Kylie, right after parting with her. Joshua was tired to suffer and has hurried to place all points over і: "I think, I will have a minute to force to be silent these fools who read tabloids and trust everything that is written to them. The campaign Say I Do was short-term, her purpose was to increase awareness as it is possible bigger number of people about the existing problem, and at us it has turned out in double volume. We have collected about 15 thousand dollars for the charitable organizations of LGBT communities, our message has extended worldwide. As a result billions of people which weren't knowing about a problem of legal inequality became activists of our campaign. We very much are proud of that result which we managed to reach". Joshua is sure that only the love and belief in bright future are capable to create great causes: "In the world there is enough anger, hatred so try to be focused on love, on something positive. Yes, I support also the idea about gender equality, I am also a supporter of programs for pure preservation, antizagryaznitelny actions in Zambia and Nepal and sets of other campaigns, the organizations and funds. So before to tell something, think and better direct the energy to something more constructive and creating. #всеммир".
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