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Amy Sumer 37-year-old Amy's Pregnancy does not pass Sumer without complications – today the celebrity told admirers that it is forced to cancel a performance in Dallas as it appeared on a hospital bed...

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The Bashkir firefighters localized large ignition in the policlinic building where overlapping with a roof partially collapsed, reports regional headquarter of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. of fapnews Alexey Voltsev Today, 01:09 0

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Natascia Pauly the 33-year-old model Natascia Pauly shared with followers in Instagram news that prepares for the birth of the second child. The Russian supermodel published the black-and-white pictur...

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The Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky zht the Italian investments into the Russian culture after the Russian seasons in Italy which took place in 2018. of fapnews Alexey Voltsev Today, 22:13 0

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Besides, here it is, in fact, about purposeful discrimination with disproportionate compensations, lightning terms of hearing of cases and also very legal formulations. It is noted that put on detenti...

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Greece wants to stick together the broken relations with Russia

After a sudden "beating of ware" in our relations the Greek prime minister Tsipras, tell sources, I have suddenly started to hurry to Moscow. If rumors that personally pro-American Foreign Minister Kotzias was responsible for a recent quarrel, then Tsipras has a chance to restore friendship with orthodox brotherly Russia are right. But what steps he has to take – after that, certainly, how he will dismiss the rowdy Kotzias? The Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras hopes to visit until the end of this year Russia. I have reported about this intention to RIA Novosti a source in government circles of Athens. At once there were assumptions: Tsipras wants to put the end to our quarrel which has arisen this summer literally from scratch. Athens expects that in the nearest future telephone conversation of the prime minister and Vladimir Putin will take place. Moreover, there wait for a visit and the Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. "Tsipras considers: what has occurred has already occurred, it is necessary to leave it in the past. Now it is necessary to restore the relations with Russia, to leave behind an event and to go forward", – the source quotes RIA Novosti. Tsipras's visit was announced last year when the relations of Moscow and Athens as it seemed, were still on rise. Growth of mutual trade was observed, at the initiative of Greece have been increased almost by 10% of Russian gas supply to this country. Moreover, Tsipras has spoken in favor for construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline through the Greek territory and further to Italy. And here in July Greece unexpectedly declared expulsion of two of our diplomats and you will lock entry into the country to two more. The representative of the cabinet Dimitris Dzanakopulos of any distinct explanations for this obviously unfriendly step in relation to Russia hasn't given, having confined only to general phrases that the sent diplomats "didn't respect international law and the Greek state". More reality was in the words of certain anonymous sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece which were cited by the local newspaper Kathimerini. But there was a lot of unclear: to the sent diplomats "attempts to get and distribute information and also to commit bribery of government officials" were incriminated. At the same time the names of these officials haven't been told, and "to get and distribute information" are, generally, a direct professional duty of diplomats. As the VZGLYaD newspaper noted, two more versions of expulsion of diplomats informally expressed. First, in the Greek press have paid attention: an incident has occurred at once after Greece has agreed with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia concerning her name. Greeks have long since got used to call Macedonia area in the north of the country. Being afraid of territorial claims, Greece demanded from the neighbor to replace the name, promising not to let her to the EU and NATO otherwise. And here Tsipras has given a green light to that the former Yugoslavian republic was called "as the Republic Northern Macedonia". It means that NATO in the Balkans can extend that, in turn, very much doesn't suit Moscow, but quite arranges the USA. Russians allegedly uchastvo


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